Amido Black

Amido Black (Acid Black 1) is a dye that stains the protein component of blood blue-black. Amido Black staining solution can be methanol- or water-based. Amido Black in methanol has a greater staining power (compared to the water/citric acid based formulation), but due to the toxicity of the methanol, it is also more dangerous.
The formulation from CAST (The Centre for Applied Science and Technology - Home Office - UK) that is based on water/ethanol/acetic acid stains as good as the methanol-based one. For use on a crime scene (for example, shoeprints in blood) the water-based staining solutions are advised.
When used on porous or semi-porous surfaces Amido Black will likely produce some background staining. Amido Black will not produce fluorescence.

Product #
Amido Black set, water-based. The set consists of two 500 ml spray bottles, one with Amido Black staining solution (B-89600) and the other with a blood fixative (2% 5-sulphosalicylic acid in water, B-89700).
Amido Black set, methanol-based. Apart from fixative (B-89700) and staining solution (500 ml in spray bottle, B-89601), the set also contains two rinsing solutions for removing background staining: 500 ml methanol/acetic acid and 500 ml 5% aqueous acetic acid.
Amido Black staining solution, 500 ml. water/ethanol/acetic acid based.
Amido Black powder, 25 g in a brown glass bottle.

Name: Amido Black 10B, Acid Black 1, Naphthol Blue Black, CI 20470, 4-Amino-5-hydroxy-3-(p-nitrophenylazo)-6-(phenylazo)-2,7-naphthalenedisulfonic acid disodium salt
CAS No.: 1064-48-8