BVDA - BVDA: Materials and equipment for crime scene officers and forensic laboratories
BVDA is a manufacturer of forensic products.
Founded in 1934, the company has steadily grown by ongoing research and develpment.
BVDA products are used daily by forensic experts around the world.
BVDA Gellifters have been especially developed for the lifting of fingerprints, shoeprints, dust marks and micro traces.
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Sole Print
Inkless foot and footwear print kit for taking exemplars from feet and footwear.
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Imaging system for Gellifters up to 13 x 18 cm / 5 x 7", provides images of over 1350 ppi which is sufficient to examine 3rd level detail. 
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Fingerprint Powders
BVDA developed a range of powders . The compositions (chemical and physical properties) are chosen on colour and effectiveness for developing fingerprint on different surfaces.
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Silmark cart
Silmark CART is a 2-part addition curing silicone casting compound in a cartridge.
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Amino acid reagents
A range of reagents that have been shown to react with either the amine or carboxylic acid groups of the amino acids and proteins present in latent fingermarks.
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Chemical developers
Chemical developers target chemicals present in the fingermarks or the physical properties of the fingermark. They can be used to visualise latent marks.
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