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Latent fingerprint investigation
Powdered fingerprint on polystyrene packaging materialWhite Silmark poured over polystyrene packaging materialPowdered fingerprint lifted with white Silmark
Silicone rubber compounds for fingerprint lifting

Certain surfaces have such a texture that even with gelatin lifters, it is hard to lift powdered fingerprints in their entirety. Examples are: Hammerite painted coin boxes and polystyrene packaging material. In these cases, white or black silicone rubber casting compound can be used. The casting compound is mixed with hardener and diluant (if needed) and poured over the print developed with fingerprint powder. After the silicone rubber has cured, the fingerprint is lifted.

Depending on the color of the fingerprint powder that was used, white or black silicone rubber is used for contrast. The white rubber has been formulated in such a way that backlighting of the cast is still possible.

Cat. No. C-1400
SILMARK, white, 150 g in tube, with paste hardener

Cat. No. C-2100
SILMARK, black, 150 g in tube, with paste hardener

Cat. No. C-7200
Hardener for SILMARK, 20 g paste in a tube

Cat. No. C-4000
Drop-bottle (glass) with SILMARK diluant, 10 ml

Cat. No. C-5000
Bottle (polyethylene) with SILMARK diluant, 100 ml

Top three pictures: Fingerprint on polystyrene packaging material after dusting with Magnetic Jet Black powder and then lifted with white Silmark casting compound.

Fingerprint lifted with black Silmark

Picture on the left: Fingerprint on leather, dusted with Instant Gold powder and lifted with black Silmark casting compound.